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Whether it is a startup business or a well-known reputable company launched long ago, mobile applications have become the vital necessity for every market player, being small or big.

With more mobile apps deployed every single hour and day, mobile app development has become a lifebuoy in the age of the so-called “Mobilegeddon”. Current data prove it, too. As of June 2014, more than 75 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store only,Statistahas it. Everyone tends to have a mobile presence for business with mobility being the key feature of today`s incessantly changing world. There are a great number of mobile apps that serve customers better than regular web pages and consumers start to prefer them to standard browsing. Therefore, the obvious question that, for sure, will not let you fall asleep this night, sounds as follows:

Does my business need an app and how much will it cost? The cost for app development greatly varies depending on its complexity, functionality and, of course, originality. It may start from several thousands and stop on millions. There are 4 key factors that will have an impact on your mobile app cost: 1. Complexity. a) Simple app with narrow functionality and unpretending design. Such apps usually require no more than 300 hours for development. b) Middle complexity app – apps requiring 400-600 hours for deployment such as a booking service app. c) Complex apps – 600+ hours. They are usually enterprise apps, game apps, social networks apps, etc. The more hours an app development takes, the more costly it will turn out to be for you. 2. A mobile app development company vs. a developer If you turn to a single developer who has no long-term reputation or expertise, it will definitely cost you less than if you go to a well-known reputable mobile app development company.

By the way, you may be lucky and this developer will meet your expectations. But what if not? Money is spent- results are equal to zero or simply disappointing. It is definitely worth to think it over in advance not to overpay later. Hourly rates of IT companies are higher, much higher than those of starting developers. However, a mobile app development company has knowledge, expertise and references to trust and most of the starting developers will not guarantee you any of these. So, it is up for everyone to decide. 3. Hourly Pay or Local vs. Outsourcing It is no surprise that hourly pay greatly varies from continent to continent, country to country. The very same app may cost differently, very differently in the US and India. To have a better idea how it works, here are the average hourly rates from country to country: USA/Australia app developer charges on average $50-$150 per hour Western Europe app development will cost €60-€70 per hour Eastern Europe – $25-$50 per hour India – $10-$30 per hour 4.

Necessity for verification, maintenance and update. Once the app is deployed, it is to be tested. Moreover, it is to be tested on every stage of its development so that to eliminate unnecessary costs afterwards. Prototype and usability testing through focus groups is also essential for successful app launch. Moreover, the team of developers should be ready to correct bugs if any, maintain and update your app according to latest tech tendencies. Here are some useful tips before you go for an app: Make sure your app has original concept not to get the same as your competitors have. Make sure your app development complies with the principle of ROI “Investment given-Investment returned”.

It should be worth the money you invest into it and should also result into profit. Choose the right developer or mobile app development company not to have to pay twice. What to start with? 1. Create a unique concept for your app, sketch use cases, features in terms of short and long term periods. 2. Choose a platform. It may be Android mobile app development or app development for iOS or etc., choose the platform your Target Audience prefers to use. You may also order cross-platform app or several native apps for several platforms.

Then, be ready the expenses will go upconsiderably. 3. Carefully select a mobile app development company to turn to. Low-cost mobile app development may be tempting but can result into low-quality product. One can invest and not get what he has paid for. It is not your case if you make a right choice. Therefore, if your business requires a good quality app, first select a reputable mobile app development company that will not only develop your app but will transform it into a business asset to prove its profitability every single day.




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